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a. Conducting a Partial Function of the Federal Territories Water Regulatory Authority (BKSAWP)

Advise the Federal Territory Ministry on the use and conservation of efficient water resources for public purposes;

Manage and control water transfers between basins in the Federal Territory;

Coordinate various agency relationships in the Federal Territory and encourage cooperation and coordination for the use of multi-function water resources;

Conduct research related to management, efficient use, development and conservation of water resources and resources within thema;

Provide training and provide facilities for training in relation to the performance of the Division's functions;

Planning the use of water resources in the Federal Territory;

Plan and provide guidelines, strategies, standards and procedures for regulating, managing, saving and utilizing raw water and water sources;

Promote and regulate efficiency in the supply of raw water;

Coordinate monitoring work, viability research and gather information for research and preparation of water management and conservation plans;

Develop areas with potential as resources and watersheds in the Federal Territory;

• Provide advisory to the Federal Territory Ministry on the transfer of water from, and between states.

Advise the Federal Territory Ministry on the use and conservation of efficient water resources for public purposes

b. Establish a Federal Territory Water Regulatory Agency

Reviewed the function of the water regulatory body in other states to serve as a guide in setting the BKSAWP function;

Review and recommend BKSAWP directions;

Review the implications of the establishment of BKSAWP;

Make projections for the amount of revenue to be collected by BKSAWP;

Review and recommend efficient organizational structure for BKSAWP;

Other matters involving the establishment of BKSAWP.

c. Regulating Water Resources in the Federal Territory

Review the volume of water in the identified catchment area;

Reviewed the projected demand for clean water supply in the Federal Territory to enable raw water resources to be provided;

Conducting water quality studies in identified catchment areas;

Conduct studies on water sources such as groundwater, rainwater collection and alternative sources of water related; and

Collect information on water supply assets in the Federal Territory.

d. Coordination Of Legal Aspects

Review the legal requirements prior to the establishment of BKSAWP;

Reviewed the legal implications for setting up BKSAWP on existing Act; and

Coordinate the preparation and drafting of the relevant Bill of Bills for the establishment of BKSAWP.

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