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Spearhead formulation of policy for the Ministry’s Core Business (Think Tank)

Secretariat of Policy & Strategy Working Committee Meeting

Assess & Improve existing policies & guidelines based on best practices dan benchmarking

Draft Ministry’s Strategic Plan and monitor the execution of its programs/activities

Coordinate input for the Malaysian Five Year Plan

Manage and prepare feedback on decision made at national level meeting, Cabinet Memorandum as well as policies & guidelines prepared by other Ministry

Coordinate policy aspect in the process of drafting and amending Acts, Bylaws, rules and regulations for Federal Territories

Conduct special studies on policy issues at Federal Territories in accordance with current situation & instruction

Coordinate development and execution of regulations (RIA)

Coordinate KWP’s OBB Programs


Plan and manage bilateral and multilateral cooperation

Plan and manage KWP & agencies’ participation in programs/activities through regional and international organization/collaboration

Coordinate application for financial aid and expertise from regional and international organization for research/study and capacity building.

Coordinate input on policy, program and activity for briefing to international delegates

Manage international visit by Minister, Deputy Minister and top KWP management

Manage feedback on international affairs involving KWP




Coordinate Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982 (Act 267) for Kuala Lumpur and Town and Country Planning Act (Act 172) for Putrajaya & Labuan

Coordinate matters regarding ‘Kaedah-Kaedah’ untuk Act 267 and Act 172

Monitor and coordinate preparation of development pelan untuk Act 267 and Act 172

Coordinate and monitor issues on preparation and preparation of Urban Redevelopment Policy Framework

Coordinate feedback related to studies, guidelines and other issues prepared by Town and Country Planning Department

Coordinate matters pertaining to National Physical Planning Council under Act 172


Coordinate and prepare feedback for rental and leasing of government reserve land

Prepare input on land acquisition for the purpose of economic development and housing

Coordinate land management matters for public purpose such as public cemetary and house of worship.

Manage application for heritage sites under the National Heritage Act 2005 (Act 645)

Coordinate planning of proportional tax by agencies at Federal Territories

Secretariat of the Special Committee on Non-Muslim House of Worship


Urban Services Aspect (Cleanliness and Solid Waste Management)

Secretariat of Federal Territories Cleanliness Task Force Committee Meeting

Hold YB Minister/KSU/TKSU walkabouts

Monitor Federal Territories cleanliness programs

Coordinate ‘Gotong Royong’ Programs at all 13 Parliaments in Federal Territories

Coordinate cleanliness inspectorate in Federal Territories

Hold Clean Walk Program and School Outreach Programme For Cleaning Campaign

Hold cleanliness program with media

Coordinate engagement with hawkers association, NGO and stakeholders

Homeless Coordination Aspect and others issues

Plan, coordinate and draft policy on homeless issues in Federal Territories

Identify issues and challenges to tackle homeless affairs in Federal Territories

Plan and run survey on homeless profiling in Federal Territories

Prepare, gather and analyze data and information on homeless in Federal Territories

Plan, coordinate and prepare policy and guidelines on activities run by NGO for homeless in Federal Territories

Hold YB Minister/ KSU/ TKSU walkabouts

Hold engagement with government agencies, NGO and homeless

Coordinate and monitor operation of Kuala Lumpur Homeless Center (Transit Center, Service Center and acquisition of land in Chow Kit)

Secretariat of Kuala Lumpur Homeless Management Main Committee Meeting as well as Kuala Lumpur Homeless Transit Center Governance Committee

Coordinate KWP’s risk management program

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