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To plan Ministry Financial policies;

To plan and coordinate Operating Budget preparation for KWP and Agency Budget;

To manage all the issuance of allocation warrants;

Distributing the Provisionsof Management and Development;

To manage applications for any additional provisions;

To manage applications for allocation transfer;

To control,coordinate and monitor the Provisions of Management and Development;

To prepare and coordinate KWP's Program evaluation;

To Provide Exception Report;

  To Prepare a review on the financial implications of Cabinet Papers of the Ministry;

To Prepare a review of the financial implications of the Consideration Paper for the Approval of the Regulatory Officer;

  To manage the certificate of distribution of grants to statutory bodies quarterly;

To provide advisory services related to expenditure/finance management to programmed/activity managers;

  To monito rand implement financial procedures and regulations in accordance with current financial procedures;

To manage the Financial and Account Management Committee (JPKA) at PTJ and KWP level;

To supervise and ensure that the auditor general' sand KWP's Internal Audit Unit's comments on financial management are taken promptly and complied with;


To carry out procurement of Ministry’s management and development allocation;

To plan, manage and carry out procurement through price quotation and tender;

To coordinate and carry out direct purchase;

To act as secretariat to Ministry Procurement Board (A&B);

To act as secretariat to Ministry Price Quotation Committee;

To act as secretariat to Ministry Procurement Board A&B (relating to development expenditure);

To act as secretariat to Ministry Price Quotation Committee (relating to development expenditure);

To act as secretariat to execution of price quotation and tender module through the e-Perolehan system;

To manage market survey to determine price;

To manage analysis study on supplier’s achievement.


To manage and process all payment for supplies/services including payment for salary,allowance,claim and all reimbursement;

To manage and accounting for Government’sreceipts/revenue;

To manage accounts receivable;

To process applications for :

i) Car / Computer Loan
ii) Personal Advance/Miscellaneous Advance

To monitor and supervise management of Trust Account under Section 9 Financial Procedure Act 1957 and Ministry’s Deposit Account. 

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