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To revise programmes and activities of the Ministry and agencies;

To carry out research and propose restructuring of KWP agencies;

To analyse needs and creation of new posts;

To plan organisational development of Ministry (succession planning);

To study proposal for abolishment of positions and re-grading of positions;

To collect, prepare and coordinate information regarding positions in KWP and agencies;

To study service scheme in KWP and agencies; and

To audit positions in KWP and agencies.


To coordinate and monitor HRMIS implementation at Ministry and agency levels, especially the pre-implementation, during implementation and post-implementation activities of a HRMIS module/sub-module;

To ensure all HRMIS basic data is verified (Group Verifier) and updated at all times;

To appoint process owners from among Human Resource Management officers for each module carried out in accordance with Service Circular issued by Public Service Department (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam);

To act as a point of reference to agency users on HRMIS implementation;

To act as HRMIS Help Desk (Helpdesk Level 0) to solve problems/user complaints from Ministry and agencies relating to HRMIS operational application;

To manage HRMIS application training to users and develop expertise for HRMIS application usage at Ministry and agencies;

To act as secretariat to Steering Committee, Implementation Committee, Core Team and Champion Team at Ministry and the agencies under its supervision;

To coordinate preparation of infrastructure needed such as facilities for connectivity base / room, power point wiring and network for HRMIS implementation;

To act as agency data reference centre (through EIS System powered by Information Management Division, JPA); and

To prepare reports on implementation status and number of HRMIS log-in at Ministry and agency levels, from time to time.


To plan Ministry training programmes;

To develop Ministry curriculum and training programmes;

To execute Ministry level training programmes;

To coordinate participation in scheduled courses organised by public and private training institutions;

To coordinate KWP participation for overseas courses;

To act as secretariat to Ministry and Agency Training Co-ordination Committee;

To prepare training reports;

To update Ministry training database;

To prepare Human Resource Development Strategic Planning;

To plan, coordinate and implement Departmental Examinations;

To plan and carry out KWP PTK;

To act as Ministry representative in KWP Agencies Competency Assessment Board;

To implement PTK implementation monitoring at Agency level;

To update examinations database and Ministry PTK (question bank);

To prepare examination and PTK reports;

To provide Advisory Service relating to competency.


To manage special functions of the Minister of Federal Territories as enshrined in the Ministerial Functions Act 1969 (Amendment) 2004 such as detention order by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong under the Criminal Procedure Code;

To manage candidacy for award of medal/honours at Federal/State level;

To manage appointments exercise and administrative matters under the Federal Capital Act 1960 (Act 190);

To manage appointments exercise and administrative matters under the Perbadanan Putrajaya Act 1995 (Act 536);

To manage appointments exercise and administrative matters under the Perbadanan Labuan Act 2001 (Act 609).


 To plan and coordinate KWP officers and staff promotion exercise;

 To arrange loan/change of service and temporary transfers;

 To carry out KWP personnel disciplinary matters;

 To coordinate personnel declaration of properties;

 To act as secretariat to KWP Human Resource Development Panel.


 To plan and manage filling up of positions under SPA delegation of powers;

 To carry out confirmation of service , confirmation of position and pensionable status exercises;

 To plan and manage Ministry personnel placement;

 To manage and process applications for overseas visits;

 To manage pension and pension gratuity receipts;

 To manage personnel leave based on General Orders Chapter C;

 To carry out Pay Adjustment;

 To coordinate and process Shouldering of Work (‘tanggung kerja’) exercise.




To manage correspondence and filing management system;

To monitor office cleanliness/ safety;

To manage Department Vehicles and Drivers;

To arrange Room Bookings/ Food and Beverages for Meetings;

To manage Logistics for KWP Official Events.


To provide and manage reference materials that may fulfill working aids requirements for all KWP officers and staff and other users;

To be able to build a vast collection by identifying, choosing and acquiring latest materials on planning, developing as well as urban and territorial well-being;

To prepare and maintain collection of books, journals, research papers, bulletins and information service in electronic and digital forms;

To develop knowledge management in the fields of planning, development and urban and territorial well-being;

To make KWP as a reference and research centre on all matters relating to planning, development as well as urban and territorial well-being.


Mechanical service such as air-conditioning, fire prevention system, lift, escalator and others;

Electrical service such as handling of main switchboard, wiring system, audio visual equipment, Lights, CCTV, access card, electronic building system and others;

General Works and Housekeeping Service such as cleaning works within and outside office such as lobby, pedestrian lanes, driveway;

Minor maintenance on moveable assets such as furniture, machines or office equipments;

Landscape service in areas surrounding Menara PjH;

Pest Control Service (Pest Control) such as fogging, spraying ant and cockroach baiting, destroying termites and others;

To maintain facilities and office equipment;

To manage Ministry Assets and Store;

To monitor Office Damage;

To manage Office Supplies;

To act as secretariat to Government Asset Verification/Management Committee;

To act as secretariat to Disposal/Write-Off Committee.


To plan, coordinate, monitor and ensure KWP quality programmes and activities;

To coordinate, monitor and assess KWP Star Rating achievement;

To plan, coordinate, implement and monitor all innovation and creativity initiatives by KWP Innovative and Creative Group (KIK);

To organise KIK Convention for KWP and agencies under its supervision;

To organise KIK Convention at Federal Territories level;

To plan, coordinate and implement MS ISO 9001:2008 certification for KWP;

To coordinate and monitor developments on MPK and Desk File usage;

To coordinate and monitor Client Charter, Customer Satisfaction Survey and ensure continuous feedback system;

To act as secretariat to KWP Quality Steering Committee, Quality Co-ordinating Committee, Comprehensive Governance Committee (JKTU) Meetings;

To carry out KWP customer satisfaction survey, Organisational Integrity Plan, instill good moral values/ and 5S;

To coordinate preparation of KWP Service Directions.


To coordinate preparation of KWP comments and feedback on Cabinet Council (MJM);

To coordinate preparation of MJM and Nota Jemaah Menteri (NJM);

To coordinate implementation of decision of MJM for KWP and agencies under its supervision;

To act as secretariat to KWP Management Meeting whether at KWP level or its agencies;

To manage and coordinate all parliamentary matters relating to KWP and its agencies;

To manage all documentation, tabling of motion/bill relating to KWP and its agencies in Parliament;

To coordinate and prepare report and summary of Parliament proceedings.


To carry out psychology service policy in Human Resource Management to develop Ministry officers of high integrity and achievement;

To apply psychology preparation in the aspect of personnel assessment, personnel development, psychology research, and intervention through psychology and counselling programmes;

To carry out Psychology Service Policy in Human Resource Management through Development, Prevention and Rehabilitation Approach;

To Plan and Execute Psychology Service Needs at Ministry/Department;

To ensure the implementation dan effectiveness of Psychology Service at Ministry/Department;

To provide Psychology Service based on Code of Ethics of Counsellor and Psychology.

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