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Advisory Services and Expertise in Physical Technical Project.

I. Monitoring of Slopes and Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

To Provide Technical Advisory Services to Mini Projects in the Federal Territories.

Public Service Delivery Transformation Programme.

I. Maintenance of 43 Main Road in Federal Territories Kuala Lumpur; and

II. Elevator Maintenance at the 5 People’s Housing Program/ Public HousingTraffic Task Force in the Federal Territories.

Traffic Task Force in the Federal Territories.

Coordination of Development and Sharing of Information on Database Related to the Planning and the Development of Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.

Preparation of the Technical Input for the Proposed Improvement of Act 267 in Kuala Lumpur, Act 172 and the Application of Act 172 in Labuan and Putrajaya.


Coordination of the Development and Implementation of Green and Environmentally Friendly Technology.

Monitoring of the Implementation of Sustainable City Indicators (MURNInets) by KWP agencies.

Coordination of Geographic Names in the Federal Territories

OSC and Special OSC Compliance in the Agencies of KWP.

Coordination of Statistical Information in the Federal Territories.

Advisory Services Related to the Urban Redevelopment Program

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