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To plan, coordinate and review on KWP and its agencies projects and programmes preparation and proposals for the Fifth Malaysia Development for EPU, JPM approvals;

To coordinate the application of the provisions of the annual and five-year budget for development KWP and Agencies with the Ministry of Finance;

To coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Fifth Malaysia Development Program / Project;

To coordinate and monitor the application of ‘Project Monitoring System II (SPPII) by KWP and Agencies;

To coordinate, manage and monitor application of development budget for KWP;

To coordinate the mechanisms of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects;

Secretariat of the Federal Territory Action Council;

To monitor the progress of RMLT under /poor performance projects;

To coordinate visit reports of Ministers/ KSU;

Secretariat of the KWP and Agencies Development Action Committee;

To manage the presentation of the Outcome Evaluation Report to ICU, JPM;

To coordinate the annual inspectorate visit (Projects Implementation Audited) by ICU, JPM;

Coordinate the audit on development budget allocation for RMLT by Accountant General/Ministry of Finance;

To coordinate the audit in purpose of determining KSU’s KPI/ Star Rating for the management of development projects; and

Coordinate the administration matters for Planning and Development Sector.


To coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate the implementation of small scale projects for KWP;

To coordinate and monitoring the application and the annual allocation of Special Grant to Federal Territory;

To coordinate and monitoring the donation using the provisions of Minister’s Special Grant to Federal Territory; and

To coordinate the provision of managing Planning and Development Sector.

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