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  To carry out duties and responsibilities towards the stakeholders through policy formation,strategic planning and implementation of integrated development programs;

 To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery system through hands-on approach, people friendly concept, extensive applications of ICT and establishment of one stop centre;

 To ensure coordination as well as uniformity in the management and administration of local authorities/statutory bodies based on policies and regulations set by the ministry so that they become more financially independent;

 To generate continuous economic growth through well-established Federal Territories Development Plan in creating more job opportunities;

 To ensure developments in the Federal Territories are not detrimental to the environment;

 To ensure urban management from the aspect of cleanliness, solid waste management and upkeep of ditches and drains is of highest standard;

 To improveirrigation and drainage system particularly in the Klang Valley to alleviate flood problem;

 To ensure tourism related programs and facilities are systematically provided towards turning the Federal Territories into a tourism hub for shopping, education and healthcare;

 To realize the vision of transforming the Federal Territories into garden cities ;

 To minimize/eradicate extreme poverty in the Federal Territories through programs that help to increase people’s earnings;

 To build more conducive housing/settlement for the comfort and well being of all;

 To encourage the use of public transport more than own vehicles to ease traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur;

 To build more community facilities such as Community, Women and Youth Activity Centre to ensure human development programs can be implemented successfully;

 To increase and diversify programs on human development, community and safety to alleviate criminal and social problems.

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